Diabetes Epidemic and You will alert people worldwide about the importance of the earliest diagnosis and treatment of prediabetes and diabetes.
Increased insulins with normal blood sugars in this astonishing experience of 14,384 oral sugar tolerance with insulin assays established the earliest diagnosis.
International recognition will in my opinion, establish Dr. Kraft as the “Father of Insulin Assay” in clinical medicine.
                         Professor Doctor Yotaka Fukuda, MD, Ph.D.
                         Department of Otolaryngology and Biophysics
                         Escola Paulista de Medicina
                         Sao Paulo, Brasil
Dr. Kraft’s quarter century’s devoted study of glucose metabolism and blood insulin levels before its recognition by clinicians is thoroughly elaborated and clinically correlated in his sentinel monograph.

This book presents Dr. Kraft’s exceptional cumulative experience with 14,384 oral glucose tolerance tests with insulin assays performed at St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago between 1972 and 1998 while he was the chairman of the Department of Pathology and Nuclear Medicine. No parallel experience has ever been reported. This volume provides the earliest diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes — even when the fasting blood sugar levels have been considered to be normal.

As the author comments and I agree, “The book should awaken the silent millions with undiagnosed diabetes...”

                         William H. Wehrmacher, MD, FACP, FACC
                         Clinical Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Physiology
                          Loyola University of Chicago,
                          Strich School of Medicine   
                          Editor: Book review section of the journal: Comprehensive Therapy                                          
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